Steroids bad??


So I was curious if steroids are bad for you, I’ve hear a lot of things long term wise such as them making bones brittle and stuff like that, but I was thinking could you take them just til you get ripped then continue working out as normal? Would this have any negative affects on your health, body, physic, etc…

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Yes it would have negative effects. And your body gets used to steroids, if you stop taking them you won’t be ripped for long.

One immediate sideeffect is a higher risk of blood clots wich are potentially lethal

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There are two different things steroids and anabolic steroids and they generally have opposite medical effects

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Steroids, amongst the conditions mentioned by the responder above, have strong impacts on emotional regulation. This is natural, of course, they are part of the chemistry that facilitates us having emotions. However the effects on those using artificially heightened amounts can be anywhere from mild to profound. Unfortunately, they will seem natural, which makes the effects hard to detect from the inside.

Common emotional side effects are: Depression, rage, confusion, delirium or aggression to other people. Mood swings and loss of focus and memory can impact your ability to safely drive or operate machinery. If you have an accident while abusing steroids, you could be under greater liability.

Doctors prescribing steroids watch for these side effects and adjust or cancel dosage depending on them. They can be quite terrifying for users taking prescribed doses, and can exacerbate more physical steroidal side effects such as high blood pressure and blood pressure related heart damage.

Steroids under the watchful eye of a medical team to alleviate reproductive issues or health problems are beneficial. Self dosage is not recommended due to the fact that you may not be able to detect the damage until it has occurred.

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In general, anything that messes with your body’s sensitive chemical balance can have unintended effects. That includes things like alcohol and drugs as well as hormones. Your body is complex, with so many interrelated systems and feedback and regulation loops that anything violent enough to override the natural balance is going to throw that balance. That may mean bulking out in the case of anabolic steroids, but also will put stress on internal organs and increase risk of dying younger than anticipated, and chronic effects.

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If you are a healthy man, you gave the exact amount if steroids you are supposed to have with in a certain margin. The margin being stress, being sick, how much exercise you do.

If you take more steroids artificially, your body will stop making steroids itself, since it tries to keep your body at the normal level for you.

You will not gain anything from using them. Any gain you get must be kept by constantly keeping up the dosage (and I mean like daily) at higher than what your body’s normal is. And doing this is dangerous, since your body’s testosterone level is exactly what it is supposed to be. Any more than that will change your metabolism at cell level, your body will be in overdrive and with that it will wear down quicker. Also there is a risk yiur testicles will stop working, after which you will stop making testosterone naturally.

Hormone doping is something done just before and during the performance. And it is something that is temporary, it is unsustainable. And something you will be caught.

So if you want you want to bulk up, consult an actual trainer with actual scientific training and not broscience. If The Dutch Giant can be the size he is with diet and exercise then so can you. If I recall right the man only does like 1hr of gym a day, and is proud of it, because he thinks that if you can’t do what you need 1hr, you ain’t doing what you are supposed to. But the man eats 7000 calories and every 2 hours.

Steroids can’t give you anything that you can keep or can’t achieve otherwise. Your body will increase testosterone production naturally as your body grows, since to keep the same level means making more if yiu are twice the size – just like making juice from concentrate takes more if your jug if twice the size – the concretion stays the same.

What will happen if you bulk up with steroids is that you get big, you stop taking them and your body can’t make enough hormones for your size and your shrink down to the size it can sustain. The size will be smaller because to compensate for artificially high levels your body has shut down it’s own production which recovers slowly.

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I would think that virtually all drugs are bad for you if taken without some sort of clinical direction.

I suspect if you had the money to hire a professional medical expert to assist you with dosage / monitoring your body / bloods / psychological behaviour then using steroids for body building would be perfectly safe.

Most people that use steroids in this fashion learn about dosage etc by reading things online and chatting to other users with almost zero appropriate medical training / knowledge.