Swimming pool suction valve accidents.


The case of Salma Bashir comes to mind. For most of these cases: why are the small intestines reported to be traumatically removed and not the large intestines?

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So looking into it a little- imagine a sock. You want to turn the sock inside out. What part do you start with? And what part comes out of the hole first?

You’d start with the furthest thing away from the opening, in the case of this poor girl, that would be the beginning of the small intestines. That would then be pulled out first, before the rest of things would follow.

This incident was caused by something called Delta P, which is incredibly deadly. Many of her organs would’ve been traumatized, both intestines included.

There is an interesting training video about Delta P (normally represented by a triangle then the letter P like “🔺P”) on YouTube that is about 30 minutes long. It is not graphic and I would definitely give it a watch.

I hope this helps!

Edit: the video 11 minutes long: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AEtbFm_CjE0&pp=ygUHRGVsdGEgcA%3D%3D