the blue black or white gold dress colour conundrum.



the blue black or white gold dress colour conundrum.

In: Physics

So basically the colors look different based on the light they are in. So, it got posted online. Bunches of people fought over which was right, and it basically came down to which lighting you saw it under and screen brightness and stuff. But people couldn’t agree and it made the news and such because you need fluff pieces.

Also doesn’t this bring up the problem of what if the colour I see is not the colour another person sees. We just both know to call it the same.

If you are familiar with the concept of “white balance” in photography or videography, know that your brain tries to do the same thing when viewing the world.

Your eyes see colours, but your brain tries to compensate for the lighting conditions and you end up “seeing” after your brain has done it’s interpretation.

In the blue black vs white gold dress – the photo happened to be right on the edge for where many people brains still interpreted the blue as white – and when you remove the blue from the picture, the black looks gold.

For some people, their brains didn’t “process” the blue out of the picture, and for some people it did.