the difference between Carpentry & Woodworking


Are they exactly the same?

Is one the subset of the other?

What kind of work do each of these domains cover

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I believe that woodworking is a subset of carpentry, that entails working on “finer” details such as the details of a piece of furniture, where carpentry can involve putting up the studs in a wall.

Carpentry is focused on “the big stuff”: cutting and joining wood to construct the structures of a building (i.e. the stuff that keeps the walls and roof up).

Woodworking is focused on smaller things like cabinets and furniture where you make objects from wood that aren’t part of the structure itself.

Woodworking is the general name of making stuff out of wood.

Is also sometimes used just for cabinetmaking, furniture making, and similar work that makes stuff with fine details.


Carpentry is a subset that is building houses, ships, biggest, etc out of wood

My bf started carpentry and at school they explained it like: take a standard house filled with furniture. Flip it over. Everything that fell is woodworking, everything that holds is carpentry. (So tables, chairs etc vs windows, stairs etc).