the difference between dropshipping and a normal everyday store


From what I understand, dropshipping is when someone buys items wholesale from Alibaba or other places where manufacturing is cheap, and then resells the items online for a markup.

Is this not the same as a normal store? They buy wholesale items from manufacturers and resell them for profit.

Does dropshipping have something to do with quality of the product or am I misunderstanding what dropshipping is?

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not quite. drop shipping is when you, as a retailer, do not carry any products and do not purchase any products until a customer buys it. when someone buys from you, you send the order to the manufacturer or another retailer, and have it shipped directly to the consumer. in a traditional online store/physical store, you actually buy and carry the product and you ship it directly. so you never buy the product yourself when you drop ship. you might negotiate wholesale prices for orders that you place with the manufacturer or other retailer for drop shipped items.

You’re misunderstanding.

Dropshipping is when someone accepts an order from their storefront and uses the order to place an order with some other storefront. The order is shipped directly from the second vendor to the purchaser, and the dropshipper never has the product in stock or even handles it themselves.

For example, you order something from me. I go and order it from Amazon and have it shipped to your house. That’s dropshipping, as opposed to a normal store where I’d have it in stock and ship it to you myself.