The Dutch obsession with the colour orange.


The Dutch obsession with the colour orange.

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The Dutch Royal family’s last name is “van Oranje”. Which means “of Orange”. Hence our national color is orange (besides the flag’s red white and blue).

The reason why orange is such a prominent color in the Netherlands is that it used to be part of the flag, red was orange. Also what the other guy said about the royal family’s last name.

The colour orange has a historical meaning for the Dutches.
In the 16th century , Willem van Oranje ( Orange) conquered the independance of the Netherlands from Spain.
But how did Willem gets his name? Willem got his name because he was the owner of a part of France which calls Orange.

The association comes from the House of Orange, historical rulers of Holland. They took their name from the town of Orange, which was called “Arausio” in Latin. The name gradually turned into “Auranche” in the local dialect, which then got confused or conflated with the word “orange” (which comes from the Arabic word *naranj*).

William of Orange, the progenitor of the royal house (and who eventually became King William III of England), was a Protestant, and so the colour orange has been associated with protestantism and the Netherlands ever since.