The reason for breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth



The reason for breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth

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Iirc the hair in your nose along with the mucous helps filter out some of the crap in the air. Secondary benefit is when breathing mindfully, it’s relaxing.

The nose has mucus and air to filter out dust and bacteria. Also the nose’s insides are a bit warmer and damper than the mouth so that the air is a bit easier to breathe in and to prevent pneumonia.

Basically, nose boogers are just a ball of nasty stuff that would’ve gone through of you’d have breathed through your mouth.

Your nose is smaller than your mouth.

To elaborate, your lungs need time to make use of oxygen. If you breathe in and out very fast, your lungs don’t do their job very well. Hyperventilating will make you pass out.

Breathing IN through a tiny hole ensures that your lungs get time to get oxygen from the air you’re breathing. Breathing OUT might as well happen as fast as possible, so a larger exit is used.

In through your nose goes slow, out through your mouth is fast. Doing it in reverse wouldn’t work as well.

Also your nose moisturizes air, while your mouth would dry out from too much air.

breathing through the nose has several benefits:

* allows you to use your mouth/teeth as a weapon while breathing
* filters air impurities by passing it through nose’s hair and mucous
* warms cold air so it does not damages respiratory system.

Breathing though the mouth has some benefits:

* allows you a higher air intake. (have you seen 100m olimpiad runners? they breath exclusively through the mouth.) higher air intake = more oxygen = more burst energy. allows you to catch prey/run from predators better.

* having a secondary breathing method allows you to breath when your nose is constipated due to a momentary illness.

Ever since my omnipresent congestion has cleared (probably due to a diet change, but it’s hard to know with any confidence), I have enjoyed nose breathing mightily. I’m totally sold on that aspect of it. The part I wonder about is the mouth breathing exhale. Is it necessary? What benefits might it bring?

In addition to a lot of these comments, breathing through the nose stimulates nitrous oxide release within your blood vessels – an endogenous (produced within the body) molecule that causes dilation of your blood vessels. This increases the surface area that oxygen is in contact with in the lungs, allowing for a greater amount to pass through and be circulated for function.

OP are you referring to calming breathes/yogic breathing? When you breathe in through your nose you can slowly control that breathing. When you breathe out through your mouth it’s a bit quicker (?possibly greater volume?) but think about what happens to your jaw and shoulders. They relax and become more slack. I don’t know the science of it all but it works. ¯_(ツ)_/¯