the Sovreign Moorish Movement?


the Sovreign Moorish Movement?

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Sovereign Citizens is a loosely aligned pseudo-political movement consisting of tax-evaders, anti-government protestors, and conspiracy theorists that believe in a creative interpretation of common law that they believe allows them to be excluded from US laws and regulations (or insert country of choice).

*Before I begin I need to point out that no Sovereign Citizen argument has ever succeeded in a court of law, and Judges often respond to these self-defending types as being in contempt of court. Which unfortunately only serves to fuel the groups anti-government insanity even more.*

Exactly how this is supposed to work depends on exactly who you ask, but the basics is that people in the movement believe that they can forgo or renounce their citizenship often by writing a letter to the King of England, President, etc and making said declaration, and in exchange US laws like Taxation, drivers licensing, and Gun laws no longer apply to them. (No you can’t)

Sovereign Citizens subscribe to various conspiracy theories about the government usually pedaled by alt-right wing and Libertarian nuts on the internet. Courtesy of the internet the movement has spread and is becoming increasingly problematic for law enforcement and the courts.

The movement preys on the disadvantaged and conspiracy theorists often to sell them videos and books talking about the movement and how it works (in theory). People fall for it because it can seem like a way out of their legal or financial troubles. “Just don’t pay taxes! The cops can’t arrest you!” but results in things getting much worse of them in the long run.

Sovereign Citizens believe that by making their declarations and using their pseudo-legalese that can get themselves out of tickets and have cases thrown out of court. This is why there are so many videos of SCs talking strangely to Judges and Police officers.

Their legal arguments consist of legal mumbo jumbo, various made-up legal constructs based on creative interpretations of Common or maritime law and various unusual cases in US court history. Those that pedal this stuff spend far too much time reading historical US legal case history despite not having law degrees and therefore can’t interpret what they are reading.

It’s important to note that SCs believe that US Federal and State laws don’t apply to them and that they don’t have to pay taxes, but they can still claim all the benefits of being a citizen like using the roads, and collecting welfare.

Some of the more extreme followers of the movement will drive without licenses or insurance, refuse to pay taxes, support anti-government groups, and own copious amounts of firearms. There have been a number of reported incidents of Sovereign Citizens being pulled over by the police for being unlicensed and it ending in violence. When the SCs legal mumbo jumbo fails to work, some of them pull guns to defend themselves against the police.

They also are often Vexatious litigants meaning that they clog the legal system with BS cases in an attempt to annoy, harass, or financially punish other people. Bringing forth completely ridiculous and frivolous cases against people they feel have wronged them, and of course they always represent themselves and fail to understand the basics of how a court works.