The Tyre Rules in F1

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Explain Like I’m 5 Please:

So. I do not understand the tyre rules during practice, quali and race day in F1. Why a certain number of switches and when to switch? How do the strategies work? I sound stupid, I know. I have been watching F1 since I was small but I was always too shy to ask much about the rules and technicalities of it. Also, having a learning disability makes understanding things a a bit tricky sometimes. When I did ask online other places (why did I ask/comment on Instagram??) I got laughed at so I just did not bother. I really do want to learn though, and deepen my knowledge, so any help is really appreciated! Thank you!! 🙂

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The basic version, during a dry race, each driver must use at least 2 different tire compounds. So maybe one set of soft tires, and one set of intermediate tires. The softer the tire, the faster the lap times, but the shorter will last.

These rules don’t apply during a wet race. A team could just use a wet tire for the whole race.

This is all part of strategy. How aggressive can you be on the tires, what compounds should you use? When do you switch the tires?
And even a great strategy pre-race has to be changed on the fly based on track conditions, number of yellow flags, etc.

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