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How do stores like Aldi, and dollar general, and save a lot deal with theft. They don’t have lost prevention in there stores, and they run on a skeleton screw.
I used to work there and I was told by an assistant manager that they don’t like to prosecute because it takes to much time and money. Also they don’t have time to review footage?! People use Self checkout daily and steal and I bet half don’t get caught. Even repeat offenders! Especially if you ain’t catching in the act.

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Despite what big stores want you to believe, the overwhelming majority of people won’t steal anything, ever, and the majority of people who do steal don’t steal much. And at a store that basically only has cheap things, stealing what you can carry still doesn’t actually cause very much in terms of loss – it’s not like dollar general has things in it that cost thousands and thousands of dollars to steal. If it’s $100 face value that probably only cost the store $30-$40. The many, many more honest shoppers make up for that.

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Normally they don’t unless it’s really bad. The mark up on things is also usually more than high enough to offset the rate of theft. If they’re selling something for $10 that costs them $2 but for every 5 they sell 1 is stolen they’re not really going to care all that much. If it’s a smaller section of specific goods they may lock them up, stop carrying them or raise the prices significantly to offset the loss.

They periodically take an inventory and match it up against what it should be based upon what’s been scanned in. If it’s bad enough but the store is doing a lot of business they may hire a greeter as that serves as a deterrent if it’s bad enough and the store isn’t still making enough money they may close that location.

Of course if someone is caught they’ll be trespassed but that’s usually as far as prosecution goes unless they’re stealing a whole lot of stuff.

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see if you’re fucking the consumer on margin a bit of theft is built into the equation. They have run the numbers and lose less to theft than it would cost to staff the business well.

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As someone who just got nabbed for shoplifting at Target, I can guarantee at least Target does prosecute. Officer was sent to my home, had a court date and everything. I am lucky that it was a first offense and am working with the courts and probation officer to not get any strikes, but it’s a lengthy process.

As for being on the other side, all my retail jobs basically told us that if someone actually leaves the store, we can’t chase them or anything.