They say an object has mass has gravity, does this mean i have my own gravity?


They say an object has mass has gravity, does this mean i have my own gravity?

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Yes, every particle in the universe that has mass has a gravitational field. But whatever gravity you have is completely insignificant compare to that of the Earth.

Yes, a very, very, very small amount of gravity. So, you attract the Earth to you with the same force that the Earth attracts you to it. However, you are much, much easier to move than the Earth is (due to mass affecting momentum). So, you end up moving toward the Earth rather than the Earth moving toward you.

Kinda neat, eh?

Yes, it absolutely does.

This gravity is basically negligible for any practical purposes, but it does mean that while the earth is pulling you down, *you are pulling it up*.

Earth is orders of magnitude bigger than you, though. So the affect you have on the planet is tiny, but it is calculable and more than zero.

Yes of course. If everything disappeared except for you and your friend, gravity would pull you together. However, since the earth is so massive, everything around you is inconsequential and you are all pulled toward the massive planet below you.

Yes, it’s kind of cool when you think about it. When you jump up in the air, that movement changes your center of gravity location and that change propagates away at the speed of light across the universe. Eventually you will move that star all the way on the other side of **everything** just a sub-microscopic gnat’s hair by what you did today. Amazing awesome superpower you wield 🙂

Everything’s connected….

You sure do! As an object with mass-energy, you distort spacetime and create a gravitational field. You can even work out how much it is between you and another object. Take the masses of you and the object in kg and multiply them together. Then divide that by distance between you in meters squared. Multiply that number by 6.67, and (here’s where you see why you’re not aware of your own gravity) slide the decimal point 11 places to the left and get a very small number of Newton’s of force between the two of you.

Yep. Furthermore, since the falloff of gravity is exponential (it gets smaller and smaller but never reaches 0), even with the small amount of gravity your body has, it’s still pulling on everything from the keyboard/phone in front of you to the furthest stars known to man (though it’s still bound by the speed of light, so the effects of your gravity on those stars will only take effect looooong after you’re dead).

Man can someone eli5 einsteins 4d gravity where gravity is just mass warping time towards… It? You? Us?

There are plenty of good explanations on this thread already, so allow me to augment that with this colorful example from Family Guy:


But think about how much mass the earth has yet how little gravity it produces

So little that you and I can temporarily leave the ground under out own will/muscle power

There’s a pretty absurd amount of matter that makes up the earth but it creates a relatively weak gravitational pull. Gravity in general is quite weak.

That’s one reason black holes are so insane imo, the gravity becomes literally so strong not even light, the fastest anything the universe, can escape. The amount of mass required to do that is really something.

Imagine taking a bowling ball and a ping pong ball and attaching them together with a rubber band. Stretch them apart and let go. They will both pull the other ball towards itself with the same force, but the bowling ball won’t move. That’s the same concept as you and the earth. veritasium has very old video where he calculates force between between two people.

A fun way to demonstrate this is to try and hold a small but dense object still with two fingers.

You can do it. But now try to hold it very very close to a table and hold it still.

You will see your that your fingers start to shake once you get close enough.