tire alignment


Why is it that every time I go get my car aligned, there’s always one fire that remains the same or isn’t completely fixed?

For example, I went today and it said that my right rear tire has a -1.3 degree camber? And once it was aligned, the right rear tire still has a -1.3 degree camber?

All the other tires were “aligned”. This has happened on numerous occasions and I don’t understand it.

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Is it always the same rear right? Plenty of cars have solid straight axle on the rear, which cant be aligned. On the side note, you dont align tires, you align wheels.

What kind of car? Depending on the car, -1.3 might still be within allowable tolerance.

Except for trucks, probably 90% of the cars taken in for alignments are only adjusting toe because very few cars have adjustable caster and camber. Most cars have aftermarket components to allow for camber, caster and toe on the front and rear but because of cost and time, they aren’t done or even offered.

This has nothing to do with tires, but the suspension and chassis of the car.

Suspensions wear out and chassis can deform, especially if you drive over rough roads fast.

Maybe the roads around where you live have terrible potholes.

Camber is just the tilt of the wheel. How it’s leaning sideways outward from the vehicle.

It will vary slightly depending on the vehicle load at the time also, even with different amounts of fuel in the tank.