Vitamin levels haircut?


Why can’t I just walk into the hospital and get all my vitamin levels return to normal instantly, similar to the IV solution bag thingy?

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There’s some medspas that do offer vitamins through IV drip. It’s generally a luxury experience. It won’t be instant – but maybe an hour or two via solution.

In general – hospitals don’t know what you’re deficient in specifically without drawing bloodwork. Most vitamin deficiencies are not life threatening. Hospitals have higher priorities than giving you a vitamin drip.

Some people with chronic vitamin deficiencies already go to their doctor’s office for injected vitamin supplements.

Because you can just take a vitamin pill unless you have a medical emergency that requires you vitamin IV, in which case a hospital will give it to you.

They will also bill either you, your health insurance, or your government tens of thousands of dollars for it rather than the about 5 cents cost of a single pill of multivitamin that is good for one day if paid in a bottle containing hundreds of them for $10-30.

What’s the haircut thing about?