– Water in the ears


So whenever you go to the pool, most likely you’ll get water in the ears.
There’s all sorts of techniques to get said water out, but it always seem like the entirety of the water only leaves when you sleep.
I know you’re not suppose to stick a Q-tip inside your ears, but it always comes out dry (at least for me). Where is that water, it is actually inside the ear canal, behind the drum, where?
I can assume it fully comes out when you sleep due to the fact that you’re laying down..

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Definitely don’t Q-tip. Terrible idea. You will pop your eardrum one day.

That said, it’s just very deep in your ear canal, held in by its adhesion to your ear and water tension (water is very sticky on small scales). Your eardrum is a sealed membrane, so the water can’t get behind it.

I know this isn’t the question but the easiest way to get water out if it’s stuck is to add more water and try again. Repeat until it’s no longer stuck.

The water is stuck in there, like when you hold the end of a straw and the water is stuck in there. Eventually it can drain out laying down. I am not a doctor, but, I have used 70% alcohol dropped into the ears and then drained out that can work. There are also “official” ear cleaners which should do the same thing and clean your ear.