We have talking robots, we have self driving cars, we have the best technology that can do almost anything. Why can we not stop mosquitoes from killing tens of thousands each year?


Why is it so hard to stop mosquitoes? Why can’t we create a solution to kill the diseases mosquitoes carry and distribute them to to the most affected people? I could be super ignorant but it seems like it would be fairly easy if multiple nations came together.

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We nearly did but then people drummed up baseless claims about the pesticides they were using at the time and they stopped, mosquito populations bounced back.

Well robots that regurgitate speech and cars that sort of hold their lanes in perfect weather aren’t exactly the future tech they’re sometimes advertised to be.

Either way, these things are expensive and require significant human and financial resources – something the places that still struggle with malaria usually don’t have.

I believe it’s because male mosquitoes are pollinators, the females only drink blood and spread disease

Mosquitoes are mandatory for population control. Same with a billion other things that can be fixed or improved but we do not.

I think its the money. Malaria and other diseases occur more frequently in poor countries. Pharmaceutical companies know which side the bread is buttered on.