What actually causes computers and technology to run slower than others?


What actually causes computers and technology to run slower than others?

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Can you elaborate? Computers and technology are very board things. Few computers are completely identical. They might have similar components, they might have similar software, they might have similar environments, but all of that being completely identical between two devices is only even remotely possible in something like game consoles where the hardware and software can be more tightly controlled. And in those devices, it’s hard to say one generally runs faster or slower than the other…..with two nearly identical devices, they tend to run within acceptable margins to be considered identical in performance.

But if you take two random PCs, chances are the hardware and software configuration is *not* identical, which increases the chance one will be slower than the other.

Not all parts are created equal. As time goes on we can continue to push how we manufacture computer components, making them smaller, faster, more energy efficient, etc.

In your other comment you noted your phone and your laptop being examples. A laptop has a lot more space for all of the components, so you can cram more computing power into it, whereas your phone just can’t match the performance because it’s so much smaller so you have less space for everything.

And outside of that you have things like thermal throttling, where heat can’t properly escape a device so everything slows down to cool down, different part specifications (IE overclocking from the factory, different designs of parts* entirely)

*Apple did this with one of the iPhones a while back and it affected performance quite a bit

A very short and sweet answer… processor speed/# of cores and memory. Those are the usual things but if you’re talking about gaming many other things come into play.