What actually causes random aches and pains in your body?


Just to be clear, I don’t mean “What illness could cause this” or something like that. I just mean the normal, random aches and pains you get even if you’re perfectly healthy. Is it just weird stuff going on in your body? Random nerves firing? Etc. I’m quite curious about it

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Your body is a an amazing machine that is built to repair itself very very well as long as it all the resources. However, it has to do this for decades. And the number of tiny cells in the body is in the trillions! So even with say accuracy rate of 99.9999% that’s a lot of cells that don’t act the way they are supposed to. Some group of cells are injured and not properly healed. Some turn cancerous and the other cells in the body stop them from spreading klby killing them. Some just lacked a certain nutritional component and years later are facing the impact. some just randomly misfire causing a spasm. Some random misfire is at nerves level too

And all this before realizing that the main mechanism the body has to replace the cells is by existing cells reproducing to fill in the void. The more often the body has to repair that part, the more chances it mutates unexpectedly.

Basically you acclimate small amounts of damage as you age, your body is extremely good at healing and repairing itself but not perfect. Wear and tear leave their marks over a period of time.

This ties into pain being the body’s way of telling the brain its damaged, so aches and pains are your body saying “I’m damaged” or “your over stressing me”.

Our bodies are like a giant game of Jenga, except sometimes the pieces just decide to do their own thing.

Sometimes muscles can get tight from being in the same position too long, sleeping on the wrong mattress, etc. It doesn’t account for all of them, but I’ve found that’s what most of mine are.

I’ve found stretching regularly relieves a number of regular aches and pains.