What are done with the “old” organs after a transplant?

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I tried to google and as well search through this sub but the only things coming up were autopsy-related.

My mother got a liver transplant about a year ago, and we always wonder what they did with her “bad” liver. Do they just discard it? Or if the situation is different do they continue to run tests and biopsies? My mothers liver biopsy came back inconclusive so I wonder if medical professionals send the organs over to a lab for further testing or just dispose of them.

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Organs and any tissue that is removed from a body is first sent to pathology to be tested to confirm diagnosis or to check it for anything else that could be of concern like cancers.

Afterwards they are incinerated in the hospital incinerator.

Some organs like Kidneys are actually left in the body because it is less damaging to leave them there than remove them. Unless the organ is cancerous or has some other condition making it beneficial to remove it.

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