what are pimples and acne?


and how does facewash helps in removing pimples and acne from our face?

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Clogged skin pores by oils naturally produced by your skin (a protective mechanism of the skin) more specifically certain glands of the skin.
The face wash helps to unclog the pores in essence opening up the pores and allowing the cleanser to wash out the oil/dirt/etc.

Pimples are just pores in you skin that get clogged by skin oils and dead skin cells. Sometimes they can get inflamed as your immune system fights the normal skin bacteria trapped in the pores. Acne is just a persistent recurrence of pimples in one or more areas of the body.

Face washes generally work by breaking down the oils and dead skin cells to help unclog pores, and some also reduce the amount of oils your skin produces.

Pimples start when a pore becomes clogged with debris and oil produced from the oil glands in skin. When the oil and debris can’t be properly cleared away it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. As the bacteria multiply it causes an infection which triggers an immune response. This causes the area to become inflamed and filled with pus which is essentially white blood cells, the bacteria, and the dead tissue and debris in the pore.