What are the actual dangers of vaping nicotine?



I don’t understand what’s wrong with vaping. Doesn’t seem like it’s very harmful. Please justify my addiction.

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It does damage to your mouth m, the chemical used (usually glycine) gets both really hot quickly and cools down quickly. Any chemical besides oxygen is bad for your lungs but your lungs do a great job of cleaning out the other chemicals. Over time these chemicals begins to scar the teeny tiny places in your lungs where blood doesn’t go only oxygen can pass through. You can’t heal these areas so they’re scarred forever and you get less oxygen transfer possible. Nicotine changes the way you think and over long periods of time the physiological changes in your brain can’t be undone.

It’s probably safer than smoking tobacco but it’s not safe. The only thing supposed to go into our lungs is air. Anything else can damage the complex and delicate functions of the organ. And we haven’t done enough research on the components of the vapor to confidently say they don’t cause cancer or other serious illnesses.

Nicotine by itself is actually very safe and probably less addictive than coffee. Its when they add MAO inhibitors to cigarettes along with other chemicals that makes it addictive.

Vaping, as someone else mentioned, has glycine which some evidence shows can be damaging to lungs. Also some vaping devices can heat up to very high temperatures and can potentially allow chemical from the apparatus to leach in. Some get so hot they explode. A good amount of people had their face severely injured and some even died from their vape exploding.

Vaping is a fairly recent development and thus hasn’t had the same level of medical investigation as regular smoking, so it’s entirely possible there are associated dangers we don’t know about yet, quite apart from the very real dangers mentioned in the other posts.

Typically people who are vape addicted hit that shit all day long. Usually can’t go an hour. If vapes are in general safer, hitting every hour makes it worse ( in my opinion )