What are the differences between Hutterites, Mennonites & the Amish?


What are the differences between Hutterites, Mennonites & the Amish?

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I don’t know about the Hutterites, but I once had a Mennonite say that they’re basically Amish but they use electricity. So it’s the same religion, but they don’t follow all of the same practices.

His family had been Amish and his parents switched when he was younger.

It probably a bit more complex than that.

All Amish are Mennonites. They are followers of Jacob Menno, an early protestant from what is currently western Germany. They follow the idea that Christians are pacifist and are called to separate themselves from the “world”.

Amish in particular follow a subsequent teacher with the last name of Amman. The primary difference that separates the Amish from the rest of the Mennonite sphere, is the belief in shunning of those who leave the faith.
The Hutterites are a similar anabaptist sect that came out of Germany and eventually settled in Canada and the western US.

Use of technology and their involvement with the rest of the world is determined by each individual congregation so that You can find Mennonites with college degrees, and some that would wear only black and farm using implements from the 1800s. Check out the Wikipedia article on anabaptists and the go from there.