What are the layers of the earth and what purpose do each of them specifically serve?



What are the layers of the earth and what purpose do each of them specifically serve?

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Why are you under the impression that they serve a purpose?

Most models divide the planet into the core, mantle, and crust. The core may sometimes be separated into inner and outer, with the inner being basically a ball of solid metal and the outer being liquid metal. The core is believed to be responsible for generating the electromagnetic field which protects the planet from solar winds.

The mantle is the large layer of magma. Flows within the magma influence tectonic action on the crust.

The crust is the thin, outermost layer of the planet, originally made from mantle cooled as it radiates heat into space with features changing from tectonic activity as well as weather. It’s where all living things exist.


They are in the form they are because of their chemical and geological make-up, mostly due to density and the separation of different types of material and the pressure due to the weight of material above. It’s just the way things turned out.

Crust- crispy outer shell that you can stand on. Useful for growing trees, holding the oceans, and preventing your legs from being burnt off by the mantle.

Mantle- hot liquid bit. Earth’s gooey centre. Useful for holding up the crust, and for making volcanoes. Acts as the source of geothermal power, and keeps the tectonic plates moving, which allow the map making industry to make a killing every few million years by making the old charts outdated.

Core- hot solid bit. A crystal of iron under enormous pressure, the core acts as the magnetic lodestone around which our geomagnetic field is strung. Helps hold up the mantle, and indirectly permits compasses to work.