What are the limits of adrenalin?


I know that adrenalin is considered to unleash some crazy strength and pain resistance, but would you still be able to function “normally” after some extreme pain like losing a leg or an arm or something similar. Another question would be why people pass out after some accidents, is this because the adrenalin is too much or too slow, so your body just shuts down?

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Adrenalin temporarily increases cardiovascular activity, saturating the blood with oxygen. It also signals the brain to release neurotransmitters which focus alertness outward toward problems and away from pain.

The reason cardiovascular function works harder is to be ready in case injury causes blood loss. People pass out because blood pressure is insufficient to bring enough oxygen to the brain to sustain consciousness, either from loss, or from other physiological effects related to fear or stress.

Adrenaline isn’t what’s causing you to pass out. Something called [vasovagal syncope](https://www.medicinenet.com/fainting/article.htm) causes you to pass out. Vasovagal syncope is more common in the fight or flight response is either really activated or suppressed, though I’m unsure why this is!