What are the major components and subsequent advantages that distinguish various household cleaners? (Ex, Soap and water vs 409, glass cleaners, mold/mildew type cleaners, etc?


I’m sure some of it has to do with some lipophilic solvent or stronger detergents to cut through grease, etc, but what about some specifics?

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Water or Isopropyl Alcohol for things like screens or windows with tint. The higher the concentration the more water.

Bleach or bleach product for toilet/shower

Baking soda for any cloth you can’t bleach

Windex Multi-Purpose for literally any other surface (it’s amazing). You can technically use it in the shower/toilet, but you’ll have to scrub harder.

My parents keep like every cleaning product known to man and it’s annoying as fuck to find what you need when I help them out. I’ve only used these 4 basic products to clean everything I own over the past 8 years.

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