– What causes the look of exhaustion?


Okay without trying to sound like a smartass when the most obvious answer is lack of sleep, what actually goes on in the body to physically cause the look of someone looking tired? Pale skin, dragged eyes, etc.

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You can see a person’s muscles running out of energy in their drooping faces and slouched posture. Your brain is trying to get off autopilot and you have to make a conscious effort to stay awake.

Skin is heavy.

Blood is heavy.

When you lack energy, muscles fatigue and don’t pull as tight, usually causing a sagging and drooping of features as the person’s body tries to relax for sleep, but their brain keeps saying “No! We must be alert!”

Your circulation slows when preparing for rest, so an exhausted person who’s basically shutting down will also have slower, lower pressure bloodflow. Since this then means less blood near the skin, especially in the highest part of the body, they look pale.

Great question and great replies!! As someone who has a terrible sleeping disorder, I appreciate this!