what color is the sun

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Is it yellow because from Earth it usually looks yellow to us? Or is it white because the sun gives off all wavelengths of light (white light)? Or is it some other color?

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It’s white. If you were to look at it mid day (don’t do this) you would see that it is white. It’s only later in the day where is gets low in the sky that it turns yellow because the light had to go through a lot more atmosphere.

Funny enough I saw a conspiracy theory that the sun had changed colors recently (due to chemtrails or vaccines or Jews replacing it one night or something else, I don’t really know). Since cameras are now ubiquitous, it’s easy to take a picture of the sun midday at see that it is white. So people who grew up only getting a good look at it in the evening were surprised that it looks different midday.

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