What criteria makes someone a “match” for organ donation?



What criteria makes someone a “match” for organ donation?

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HLA or Human Leukocyte Antigens in most cells make cell matching difficult in organ transplants, but being closely genetically related helps. In blood transfusion the presence of A and B antigens can complicate the process unless the recipients blood type is known. https://youtu.be/pt9ZBw8C1nk

Okay, so to be a match for organs, a lot of things have to align. You need to have a certain number of matching factors, including your blood type, but also other things, like being a similar size (an adult heart from a 6 foot man can’t go into a five-year-old kid, it would be too big).

They also have to be within a certain distance of the patient that will receive the organ, because the organs can only last so long outside of the body.