What determines the limits of how in shape a person can get?



What determines the limits of how in shape a person can get?

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There are genetic effects, but past history of nutrition and exercise are also factors.

No amount of working out will make you as fast as Usain Bolt.

Genetics will come into play along the line but motivation is the deciding factor in most people far before they notice the limitations of their own genetics.

Obviously having medical conditions that prevent you from working out is the exception to this.

Genes and anything that shapes who you are – its all pure luck and out of your control

People don’t get to “choose” whether they are or are not a motivated person, have discipline, have parents and an upbringing that can distil those traits etc in the same way they don’t choose whether they can develop the fast twitch fibres, bone density, muscle strength etc required

You can have all the ingredients to be faster than Usain Bolt but if your brain isn’t wired properly then you won’t get your backside down the track and train

Equally, if you’re not born into a country where you have any capability of being spotted as having the potential, you’ll never be found

Statistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that the people who are best in the world at anything are actually those that are truly the best in the world. They’re simply the ones that have had all the right mix of luck in order to get there

It’s a fact that genes determine a lot of how you look we call these phenotypes, but your predisposition for slow recovery muscles or fast recovery muscles is based entirely on how you train and what you eat. High intensity training, a low carb and sugar diet will burn fat and give you muscle growth, but the amount of calories and where they come from is important for how your body will shape up. Do you want to look like The Mountain then a majority of you calories are going to be protein and carbs. Do you want to look like a movie star then a protein rich vegetable/leafy greens diet is what you want. But you gotta put in the work too, do muscle building exercises as more muscle requires more calories. Try to limit your cardio to 20 mins a day. It also helps to have a goal in mind, make the goal simple and achievable, then break down the steps to complete your goal. Rinse wash repeat.

First, what kind of shape do you want to be in? A basketball player looks very different from a ballerina or a sumo wrestler. If I trained to become an Olympic long-distance runner or swimmer, I’d probably stop menstruating, which would make me less able to accomplish a goal of motherhood.

Once you have set the goal for which shape you want to be, all kinds of factors such as genetics, epigenetics, childhood, diet, exercise, culture, and opportunity come into play.

Genetics set the ceiling. It’s very hard work and consistency that will get you as close to your genetic potential as possible.

I might also add, using PEDS (Performance Enhancing Drugs) will drastically increase what you are able to accomplish as opposed to being natural.