What do people mean when they say to squeeze glutes and tighten abs when doing plank exercises?


Does it mean suck in my gut?

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It’s pretty much instinctive. If you’re holding your body ridgid you’re doing the plank right. I can’t imagine doing a plank and not holding your mid-section tight.If someone told you ‘tighten abs’ they are the kind of people who tell you ‘move your legs more’ in a foot race.

Tightening your core is actually the opposite of sucking in your ab area. A strong core actually expands the area slightly, adding stability and stiffness to the area. Squeezing your glutes is trying to tighten them in towards your midline and slightly towards the front.

You should be able to feel it if you try to do it while standing. Practice trying to contract until you can feel your butt cheek muscles squeeze in on themselves.

Doing these 2 things should allow you to be very straight in your plank, so sagging and no butt pryamid.

Put yourself into a forearm plank (plank with elbows on the ground). Now squeeze your glutes and sort of try to pull those elbows in as if you are trying to get them to touch your feet (but they’re planted in place). You’ll feel the tightened abs.