– What does a Director of Technology do?


How do I explain to 4~6 year olds what a *Director of Technology* / Engineering Manager does? I see four competencies/responsibilities as the most important for this role: People Management, Delivery Accountability, Sociotechnical system (team design, as-in team topologies), Software architecture & technical design (together with a software architect).

But I have no clue how to explain that in a super-basic way. I have a short presentation coming up for a primary school, so *literally* replies only please. Other parents have to do similar “tell us what your job is” talks.

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You take a bunch of smart, hardworking people and help them to work together and be even smarter. You help them talk out any issues, decide who does what, and check their work.

You could use a sports team or group project to make it a little less abstract. [Insert popular team] is made up of amazing players, but they still need a coach to help them work together as best they can. You do the same, just with tech.

You manage the people who manage the technology.

Most schools would have someone who’s in charge of IT stuff at the school. You’d be that guys boss, only or your company and not a school.

You manage a team that decides what kind of computers to buy, how many to buy and when to buy them. They decide if everyone gets a chromebook, a windows laptop or an iPad and they balance how expensive those things are. They decide what programs everyone gets to use, how they get paid for, and who has access to them.

You spend a lot of your time managing a budget and managing people, making sure schedules are OK vacations are approved and making sure that everyone is performing as best as they can.