what does “cognition” mean? And “cognitive psychology”?


Hello, English isn’t my first language and I’ve been trying to understand the word “cognition” and “cognitive psychology/behavior” for years. Can someone please explain it simply? (Examples would help if you have any)

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Cognition is how the brainworks. Thoughts, interperson of senses, learning, encoding, and recalling stored information.

Cognitive psychology is one of many theories of how the brain works.

Cognitive theory basically posits that how we gain information and process it is similar to how a computer would. We have many mechanisms internally for information processing. A good example of this is how memory works under this theory, we have working memory and long term memory. Working memory is how a video card/RAM is used for an application while the long term memory is your hard drive storing all the documents and files you have. There is so much more to this as well such as encoding, consolidation, etc.

Cognition would be an act of your brain doing these mechanisms internally together with your senses, previous knowledge, and experience in order to learn new knowledge and discover and navigate the external world around you.