What does expretion ‘catfishing’ means in it’s core? Where does it came from?


I understand that term ‘catfishing’ means pretending to be something/someone else. But what it has to do with catfish? Does catfish pretends to be somehing else under the water? Or does cat is fishing with a lure? I’m not high it’s just english is not my main language and as I trandlating it can get different meaning😅

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To start, “phishing” (sounds like “fishing”) is a generic term for using email to try and trick someone into doing what you want them to do, often click on an evil link. In 2010, a movie was being made about a rich movie guy who gets phished by an older woman pretending to be a 19 year-old hottie. In the movie, the woman’s husband calls what she’s going “catfishing”, coining the term with a story about live cod fish being shipped with a catfish in the tanks to keep the cod active, ensuring the quality of the cod versus cod being shipped alone which causes them to become pale and lethargic = less valuable. Regarding fish, this is complete nonsense, but the term stuck in the lexicon.

It’s mostly from the movie “catfish” which turned into an MTV show.

The movie followed this guy who fell in love online and the girl was lying the whole time..he filmed the before during and after their first meetup and called it catfishing.

The name stuck and the tv show only pushed the new meaning of the word.