What does it mean to be supportive?

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I was in a group session today and someone asked me what does it mean to be supportive with someone else?

My response was it depends on the context. And tried to give examples. I didn’t convey it well.could someone help me understand it better.

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It *does* depend on context. It means attending to someone in their time of need. That could be listening to someone going through a particularly difficult time, or running an errand for them, or taking them to an appointment. It means checking in on them, but being mindful of what they ask for. If they say they need to be left alone for three days, leave them alone. They might need the time to process events. You can check in after the three days. Sometimes it’s a text saying “hey, I’m thinking of you.”

It’s watching out for them and being ready to help while not smothering them. Give them space, but be ready to help.