What does OEM and OEM+ mean?


What does OEM and OEM+ mean?

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Original equipment manufacturer — what comes on the cars made by the manufacturer

Original equipment manufacturer + — it comes from original equipment manufacturers but from different models. For eli5 purposes: It’s kind like if someone really likes the seats of a 69 Camaro but the look of a 67 Camaro so they toss the 69 seats in to the 67.

OEM in contrast with aftermarket. Let’s the seat of your Toyota Carolla is torn. Do you buy a replacement from Toyota (OEM)? Or do you buy one from a flea market (aftermarket)?

This usage has gotten confusing lately however, as people have come to associate OEM with consistent quality, and so sellers sometimes advertise aftermarket parts sold as “OEM”, often with some story about extra parts from the factory’s night shift to justify the lower price, when they are really aftermarket parts.