What does (powered by) means


What does (powered by) means ?

Does it mean that they have an agreement with the company, or just because they are using their tools they can say we are powered by…

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Depends what context. Assuming you’re talking about video games, like “Powered by Unreal Engine,” usually means they’re using the Unreal game engine. A game engine is a backend that abstracts away all the nitty gritty of managing raw data, and gives programmers and artists the tools to think of things at a higher level, such as “objects,” “characters,” and “cameras,” instead of just a bunch of data buffers floating around in memory.

I think to explain better it will be helpful to start from an example, if you have a gaming tournament that’s *powered by Intel*, it means that they probably supplied the computers (which parts they could) as a form of sponsorship, as well as possible ad space and promotion costs.

So you’re watching the tournament being played on the brand advertiser, “oh wow I love this game and it runs so well on those computers I should buy the same stuff”

Sometimes it’s purely just a “branding endorsement”. For example, it could be that Google has a 20% stake in a company and for whatever reason they don’t want to control it or be fully intergraded – but they want to help it grow cause of their investment – so they allow for a branding endorsement.