What exactly are robocalls? Why are they on a surge right now? And why isn’t anything being done to prevent them?


I have a foreign phone number, and live in another country so I don’t deal with it. I don’t understand why it’s such a huge problem in America all of a sudden.

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Phones and computers both work on signals sent VIA electrical pulses. If you understand how a phone dials a number, you can make a computer program that can hop onto a phone network and do the same thing, in theory.

You can also make fake claims as to what your number is if it requests it for Caller ID, so that helps with some of these things.

America instituted the “Do not Call” list, which unfortunately is now a big public directory of names and numbers. There are laws that enforce this at hoime. People who are physically in another country? That’s another matter entirely. We don’t have jurisdiction to actually do anything about a lot of it.

So all that said: robodialers are almost exactly what they say they are: computers/robots that dial phone numbers. They’ll keep calling different numbers until a real person picks up, at which point it will connect to a real person. They will then run some scam or another, trying to steal money.

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