What exactly happens when approaching the speed of light?

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I’ve looked it up and the explanations just aren’t clicking in my dumb brain. Even things like explanation of Einstein’s special relativity also just never click for me.

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Nothing special. You are, right now, approaching the speed of light in some reference frames. There’s no difference between being “stationary” in one reference frame compared to “going really fast” in that reference frame. Because if you change the reference frame then the second example can be stationary and the first one would then be moving really fast. There is no universal reference frame and all inertial reference frames are equal.

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Nothing. Approaching the speed of light is something that happens to other things. From your own perspective, if you’re not accelerating, you’re effectively at rest. And all the familiar rules of physics hold.

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Alright, I will do the best I can

You are constantly traveling through spacetime at c with most of that going through time and a little through space.

As you move faster and faster through space you move slower and slower through time, because you can only move a total of c

And so as you approach moving c through space, you rapidly approach having 0 in time

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Actually you cant get to the speed of light. Either you pop into existence already moving at that speed or you are doomed to move at a velocity lower then light.

Little bit more.

The closer you get to the speed of light (c) the more energy is required to further accelerate you. This becomes more severe the closer you are up to the point where you need infinite amount of energy to finally get to c.

While accelerating your time will start to pass more slowely. If you could hit c, no time will pass anymore and everything becomes instant, in a sense.