What Exactly Is A Charge Stripped Ion?


What it says. What precisely is a charge stripped ion, and if I may also ask, what precisely could they be “used” for?

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An ion is a molecule with some electrical charge. If it has its charged stripped away it means it was neutralized or that its charge was taken away and by definition is no longer an ion so by semantics there is no such thing as a charge stripped ion because all ions have a charge…if we want to get picky with our definition which I think we should.

So, if the ion was positively charged, to strip its charge we could say ad an electron to make it more negative or less positive till the positive charge was 0. Sometimes, ions come together and solidify and when that happens they can lose their ability to conduct charge so again, solid pure elements cannot have a charge and so by definition are not ionic.

Once an ion has lost its charge you can react it with different things so it could theoretically be used for anything that needs/ doesn’t need a charge.

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Thank you all very much, this has been extremely useful and informative, including what “uses” so to speak this technology would be. *tips hat*