what exactly *is* a logarithm and what does it do?

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I mean, I’ve used them in algebra many times but I never really understood what it does. Kinda like in biostatistics how I could do the math, but how it worked was beyond me entirely.

So yeah: like what’s this sorcery and what does it do/why do we use it?

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It gives the answer to the question “How many times a number is multiplied to get the other number?”. It is a mathematic equation that makes it easier to represent trends in data that might be increasing exponentially.

For example if you had something that was increasing exponentially: bacteria reproduction or compounding interest, for example, where the numbers would double every few periods, it quickly becomes not very informative to show the increase in a linear fashion as the scaling becomes really a trend/curve. So instead you can plot it by using the Log of the number. 

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