What, exactly, is a skin tag?



How do they come about?

In: Biology

They are small harmless skin tumors. Not really sure why they pop up, could be from friction (they appear in areas with skin folds like armpits). There could also be a genetic component to it or an infectious component (some infections cause tumors, it could be a lower risk subtype of HPV)

It’s when skin mutates in such a way that it begins to grow outwards instead of just maintaining the existing surface. Related to cancer, but not dangerous because it’s only growing new cells outside the existing ones, and doing so relatively slowly.

Small tumour of skin cells often thought to be caused by friction or dietary reasons such as high cholesterol etc. they are typically harmless but you can also get the removed with laser if you don’t like them

Skin tags can also be caused by hormones and many pregnant people experience more skin tags during the pregnancy.

You can tie a cotton loop (think sewing thread) tightly around the base of a skin tag, put a plaster over it. Repeat daily, removing the plaster and replacing with fresh – you can add a new loop over the old cotton thread, no need to remove it. after 3-5 days the tag will fall off when you remove the plaster because it’s had no bloodflow. I’m pretty sure that’s a harmless way to remove them, done it a few times. Please do correct me if anyone knows better.

If you have a skin tag that is slightly darker in colour than the rest of your skin, please see a doctor or dermatologist. Damage to the area producing melanocytes could trigger a more dangerous production of them.

I just cut mine off with a small sharp scissors. There’s no pain. Just lift them and cut at the base. It seems squeemish but just get it done quickly and they are gone.