What exactly is a thought in chemical/scientific terms?



What exactly is a thought in chemical/scientific terms?

In: Biology

An electrochemical chainreaction moving through a network of neurons.

But there is no clear destinction where one thought ends and another starts. The brain does a lot of things in parallel.

Just neurons firing off in a specific pattern. So your memory of a bbq is one pattern while your thought on how to solve a math problem is another. And every memory has a thought pattern!

You can explain it as a biochemical reaction in neurons, but this explanation won’t do the complexity justice. It’s like describing Facebook as a bunch of transistors in a data center rapidly switching each other on and off. It’s a valid explanation but it’s useless to understand the implications, because the interesting properties come from the interaction of its components, not from the properties of the components themselves.

This phenomenon is called emergence, and pops up everywhere in nature. Here’s a good video with a lot of further reading in the description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16W7c0mb-rE