What EXACTLY is homeopathy and what’s a good example of it?


I just don’t want the explanation that it is always used, you know, the one where it says that it causes sympthoms to cure the illness or all that, what i do really wanna know is… what does it do, and a clear example, cuz i’ve heard it A LOT of times but i never EVER understood what does it do (But i know it’s not a good medicione, through).

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Homeopathy is the use of pseudoscience to treat illnesses.

E.G. thinking chamomile tea extract diluted 1000 times will somehow cure the cold, even though what you’re consuming is effectively just solvent (be it water or some oil, never know with these types anymore.)

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Homeopathy is trickery, simple as that. It is an unscientific approach to “healing” people. When examining their medicine, you’ll find it’s sugar pills. Chemically speaking, sugar pills, without any other substances that healing properties can be attributed to. So why do people believe in it and there seem to be some successes? It comes down to the placebo effect and self healing effects of the body. So they trick people into believing their medicine is real, that’s it. Don’t confuse it with actual medicine though, like natural medicine with herbs etc., the difference here is that with such natural products you may find substances that actually have a scientifically verifiable effect, with homeopathy you don’t.

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Homeopathy is the belief that water has a memory and like cures like.

So, you have a sore throat. Capsaicin causes a burning sensation so it’ll cure a sore throat but only after you perform magic on it.

So, to make that you take a drop of capsaicin and put it in a certain amount of water. You shake it and then take one drop of that and put that drop in another container of water. You shake it and repeat over and over and over again. The belief is the more you dilute it the stronger it gets.

Now, the really recommended amount is like do this 30 times. This means that the chances of there being any active ingredient in it is basically 0.

You then sell it to some idiot who believes this shit.

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Homeopathy is based on two principles. First is “like cures like.” That is, to treat a symptom, you use a substance that causes the same symptom. To treat itching, use something that makes you itch. If you have nausea, use something that causes nausea.

The second principle is that dilution makes the substance into medicine. If you dilute an itch-causing substance enough, it becomes an anti-itch medicine. If you dilute a nauseating substance, it becomes an anti-nausea medicine.

Homeopaths claim that this happens because water (in which the medicinal substances are diluted) has some kind of memory, which can be activated by shaking (“succussion”) it in a precise manner. There is no plausible explanation for why this would work, and indeed there is no evidence that it works at all.

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Homeopathy does nothing, it is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine with no evidence that is works.

The idea is like a cure like and the effect gets stronger the more you dilute something. Allergies can cause itchy and teary eyes and so can onion. So you use onions to treat allergies.

Dilution makes it stronger so you put some onion in water, then take a drop of that water and mix it with water 100x the volume of that drop. Shake the water and repeat the process 100 times and you get a dilution that would be called 100 c. They use the liquid or put it on a sugar pill that can dry and be eaten later.

There is a problem when you do that you have diluted it to such a degree that there is unlikely a single molecule from the onion left in the mixture. The result is that homeopaths have claimed that water has a memory of what was in it.

Why does it has no memory of other stuff that you care about like feces is not clear? All water we use has at some time been in the ocean so have been in direct or indirect contact with poop so it shole have a very strong memory of it.

So homeopathy is in practice just sugar pills or water that do not have any measurable effect compared to placebo, so it does nothing.

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Just worth adding homeopaths have intentionally made it difficult to answer this question. They have also intentially associated themselves with herbal medicine, which depending on the herb has some evidence.

Many people I know who support homeopathy thing they are talking about herbal medicine and I explain as others here have done what homeopathy actually is they recognise it for the bullshit it is

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HP is a fraudulent pseudomedicine that

– transfers money from patients to the HP

– transfers money from patients to companies that produce those “remedies”

– “heals” sicknesses that would have healed without medicine anyway

– makes patients believe they got some medicine