What exactly is the Epstein list?

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I’ve done my research on Jeffrey Epstein and what he did. But I dont understand what this “list” is suppose to talk about, although I more or less have an idea.

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It’s said Epstein kept documents and blackmail of people that abused children on his island and other places like Trump’s Casino and his home. This is THE list. Then there are other documents like flight logs and business records that kind of muddy the waters. Very likely many of these are just people that met him at business or social events and have nothing to do with his pedo activities. He was a very active socialite and businessman so rubbed elbows with lots of famous people. The problem is people are considering these things to be damning evidence as well.

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Basically everyone that was involved with him that may, or may not, have participated in his desire for underage girls.
The problem is the list likely holds a ton of names that would be bad if leaked out to the public, as it could cause civil unrest.

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There’s powerful people on this list, amongst others rumored to be Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. Bill Gates being photographed with Andrew epstein was the trigger factor for his wife Melinda Gates divorcing him. Also the list with individuals can also be evidence for sexual trafficking and rape allegations since epstein used trafficked girls who may or may not have been able to leave on their own and were underage and tricked into this. Also, you may have heard Prince Andrew from the british royal family was also closely tied to Epstein and have a civil court ruling regarding rape and had to pay a substantial sum to the girl a few years ago. the princes reputation is down the drain, and he has been shunned by a large part of the royal family.