What exactly makes people “freeze” while on drugs?


Whenever I watch videos of people on the streets who are zooted off the scooma, they usually appear as if they’re paralyzed in very specific poses. I always found it so odd, and I’m curious to both the general reason and the underlying science behind it. Are there certain types of hard drugs that make people do this and others that don’t?

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That’s typically heroin or opioids. When you are a hard user of those substances, leaning in awkward positions keeps your mind somewhat aware and awake, so you don’t fade out. If you fade out, you’re not experiencing the high you paid for..

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It’s referred to as “getting stuck.” It can happen with a variety of drugs and the reason it happens varies by drug. Opioids users can have difficulty staying conscious when high and positioning can help them stay awake. Disassociatives cause issues with proper brain functions when it comes to motor control. Being really stoned on weed can make someone “forget” to notice what they are doing and space out.