: What forces would result from a variation of gyroscope momentum ?

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Let’s imagine a gyroscope with a hollow tube as an axis, with the axis stuck from an end and free from the other

We spin the gyro and we actually move the free end of the axis up and down (over and over, quickly (or slow)) on a specific line in one same plane (imaginary)

Q: What forces would be created inside the hollow tube/axis ?

there might (will?) be resistance to be “felt” but what else ? (heat? or deformation of a solid piece if we put a solid piece inside the hollow tube?)

and thank you all for any answers !

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If I’m understanding the image correctly, inside such hollow tube, I don’t think there would be any energy applying to it (outside of any air that starts whirling and affecting the object in the center).

For any force to affect said free object, it would have to start spinning too.

The up-down movement of the axle would be resisted though, since the axle would presumably be spinning, so the conservation of momentum would apply to it.

Please correct me is I misunderstood your illustration.

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Gyroscopes are rotating energy. If it moves back and forth there is no change in angles or rotating energy.

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