What happens if I close my bathroom doors and vents, and keep adding hot steam to the room?


Suppose I close windows and doors to my bathroom, there is no air vent and thus no serious air circulation, and I let the hot shower run forever os that steam accumulates. Presumably the humidity in the room will eventually go to 100%?and what happens then? does it start raining in the room? explode due to pressure?

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Your bathroom is definitely not airtight, so it will leak, even if you don’t think it will. If the humidity rises to 100%, water will just start condensing on the walls. Ever notice how, after a hot shower, your bathroom mirror gets fogged up? The same thing will happen to every other surface. Water might start running down the walls or dripping from the ceiling as it continues to condense there, which you could call rain.

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While there are some hot water systems that are able to heat water up fast enough to give you an unlimited amount of hot water, most homes run in a simpler and more economical hot water tank system and will run out of hot water after a period of time.