What happens if you shake hands with someone with a wart on their hand



I have a pretty big wart on my finger which I got confirmed was a wart at the dermatologist. But even up until recently I’ve been shaking hands with a lot of people and the wart is in an area which would probably have brushed against their palm/fingers.

Are hand warts contagious? I don’t think the skin was open or anything but still, I’m just worried. I should have been more careful but it’s so hard turning down a handshake that I slip now and then. After finding out for sure it was a wart from the doctors, I’m panicking a bit.

Did I spread them?

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HPV, this virus that causes warts is contagious. Not only can you give it to other people you can give it to other spots on yourself.

If you picked at it you probably made it contagious. If you left it alone it probably wasn’t.

Edit: corrected misinformation due to below comment