What happens to protein in the body once digested?



I know how the body breaks down carbs for glucose to make ATP and energy through many pathways but how does the body use protein and amino acids to build muscle. Are there other uses for protein in our cells? Bonus points if you know specific pathways!

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Amino acids make up all the enzymes, connective tissues, transporters etc in our bodies

Collagen is a protein made from amino acids

Insulin is a protein made from amino acids

Muscle is a protein made from amino acids

Enzymes such as lactase ( which is deficient in those who are lactose intolerant) is a protein made from amino acids

Sodium channels that let sodium into cells are proteins

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is derived from amino acids

Amino acids and protein are not just for muscle, they are a fundamental part of the body and are involved with almost everything and are found everywhere

To build muscles from amino acid, you can imagine making a chain from coloured beads. Amino acids are these beads. The arrangement of the colours will follow a template written in your DNA. These strands of coloured beads will then proceed to be twisted, folded , linked and made into a precise shape that become your muscle cell. Many many muscle cells make up muscles tissues.