: what happens when you eat the silica gel packets?


: what happens when you eat the silica gel packets?

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Nothing. In USA, all things packaged it food have to be “edible”. There is no nutritional value, but it isn’t harmful.

Assuming you don’t choke on the packet, nothing at all. It’s non-toxic, eating it won’t harm you.

It just says “Do not eat” because it’s not part of the food, but it’s inside the package as if it were.

Also I assume the companies figure someone will try to sue for some reason if they don’t label it.

The pellets will absorb moisture quite easily and swell up. This may cause some irritation in your digestion system but most of the time it will just pass harmlessly through. It can however cause constipation in small children. The label “do not eat” is not because it is poisonous but rather because it is not intended as food. The small packets may to some people look a bit like candy. But they are not.

There is however silica gel which is laced with poison. Some contain a material which changes color depending on its humidity and this is poisonous. But the white silica gel is safe to eat, but not wise.

As others have said, eating just one probably wont kill you, but it wont do anything good either.

But definitely don’t try to eat 25 at once: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChgIkbg0x80&ab_channel=Chubbyemu