What ingredient inside sweetener tablets causes the rapid dissolve in hot water ?


I’m back from my dentist because I had a lot of tartar buildup. I’m drinking hot tea from a thermos everyday with lemon and sweetener tablets (5tablets with 1l tea). The water at my home is very soft – my 4 years old kettle is clean inside. So I’m thinking the sweetener may be the cause – it dissolves in warm water but when the water cools down when I’m drinking it then it goes back to solid form and causes the tartar buildup. I tried to google for the answer but I can’t find anything about it.

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Heat and agitation increase absorption in solutions. It allows the compounds to separate and bind.

Can you tell us what sweetener you use?

This is possible, but not likely. Artificial sweeteners are usually far more sweet than sugar, meaning we use very little. It would be unlikely that this amount of dissolved solids would start precipitating out of solution. It is possible though, why don’t you try running a test? Make some teat+sweatener in a clear glass, and place it in the fridge. If a solid forms at the bottom, then you are right! If not, you may have to look into a new toothbrush 😉

Tartar is hardened dental plaque, and plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that feed on the sugars in your mouth. It’s unlikely that the artificial sweetener has anything to do with the tartar buildup on your teeth.